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As of September 27, 2019, Saudi Arabia introduced an e-visa program, which allows people from 49 countries to visit by applying for a visa ahead of their trip or on arrival. A single entry visa allows a full month stay, while multiple entry visas allow to stay for up to three months.

Register here:Saudi eVisa

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Book a Flight to Jeddah feels proud to serve the Muslims in Canada by providing 4 & 5 star Umrah packages with luxury hotels and flights at lowest possible prices from Canada. operating out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada has created a well known Brand Name in Canada by providing 5 star Umrah packages, 4 star Umrah packages and 3 star Umrah packages at the lowest prices from Canada. Our Fees are always displayed in Canadian Dollars. We feel honoured to serve Muslim families across Canada and are equally proud of being able to provide affordable Umrah packages with direct flights and and a wide variety of both budget hotels and luxury hotels. Umrah Packages offers customized Umrah packages in the December Holidays, March Break, Summer, and in Ramadan which allows Muslims to conveniently travel with our experienced guides.

What is Umrah?

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Special Umrah packages specifically Designed to Cater to Muslims living in Canada. provides a reliable  Umrah package in Canada for the most affordable price. We are a popular and reliable name in the industry today.

Our travel agency is trusted by thousands of Muslims across Canada.

Book the cheapest Umrah package by consulting with our partnered travel agents. 

Without a doubt, Umrah is one of the best ways of gaining Allah (SWT’s) blessings. Our agency is genuinely proud to have this opportunity to offer this amazing experience to Canadians.

With Allah's help, we have been making Umrah accessible to average Muslim Canadians by Providing discounts and affordable rates and also by organizing important aspects of the journey such as seminars, guided tours, visa arrangements as well as bus rides (within Saudi) and other neccessities during your trip.   

It is our main goal to ensure that everyone's experience is not only memorable but we also strive to make sure that you are extremely impressed with how we carefully plan and organize the whole trip. 

In our experience, we feel that organisation and comfort is an important aspect in determining whether or not you get the most out of our your umrah journey.  designs the best packages including 5 star hotel accommodations, air conditioned local transport, direct return flight tickets and relavant guidance by qualified scholars and teachers.


Our packages are bundled together with affordably priced airfair, and hotel stays.  You can also opt to choose your own flight dates and accomodations. We can help you add stop overs in different countries and completely customize your trip as per your requirements.


Affordable  Airline Tickets for Umrah

We offer Airline (Flight) tickets to Saudi Arabia departing from Toronto (Missisauga), Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Quebec city, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver (Surrey), Victoria, Halifax, Regina and Moncton. Flights  can also be booked seperately  by our travel agents. recommends Canadian citizens to confirm booking of their Umrah deals at least 6 weeks in advance to avail of the lower prices and reduced fares. However, if you want to travel sooner we can still find the best available package availale right now.

If so desired, we can also customize your trip to include only specific International airline carriers.

With us, you will be getting a discounted plane ticket to Saudi Arabia and a deal on hotels as well. can also provide  airplane tickets only. We can provide a complete umrah package or simply a deal on airline tickets. sends people to Umrah every month from Toronto and other major cities across Canada. Rest assured that airline tickets will be arranged for you and your family at the most competitive rates.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, our experienced travel agents recommend booking a 5 star Umrah deal.  It is our aim to deliver the best  package so that every Muslim who wishes can have the opportunity to seek Allah (SWT’s) blessings and forgiveness in front of the Holy Ka'bah.

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Some Virtues of Going for Umrah 

-Removal of Poverty

Ibn Abbas (RA) said: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “Perform Hajj and Umrah consecutively; for they remove poverty and sin as bellows removes impurity from iron.”


-Expiation of Sins

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah (RA) said: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “From one Umrah to another is expiation for what comes in between, and ‘Hajj Al-Mabrur’ brings no reward less than Paradise.” Hadith No. 2630, Book of The Rites of Hajj, Sunan An-Nasa’i, Vol. 3; Hadith No. 2888, Chapters on Hajj, Sunan Ibn Majah, Vol. 4.


5 Star Hotels in Mecca for Umrah
Umrah Packages is an experienced agency. We are associated with many 5 star, 4 star and 3 star hotels in Saudi Arabia. Our Umrah agents can provide booking services for Canadian citizens at 5, 4 or 3 star hotels in both Madina and Mecca (Saudi Arabia). There are a number of hotels to choose from. 

You can simply Book our hotel only packages if you have arranged everything else on your own. 


Our discounted Umrah packages include 5 star hotel accommodation in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Old age citizens, disabled persons and kids are especially taken care of during Umrah tours in Saudi Arabia.

We can catered in a special manner with delivery of specific arrangements such as cot, wheelchair, meals, etc. Our Umrah tour agents are able to book the nearest 5 star hotel accommodation to Masjid e Nabwi and Haram. Walking distance to these holy places in Mecca will surely make your Umrah tour the best. Convenience is a guaranteed factor in our affordable Umrah deals.

Take advantage of our specially tailored packages.

Considering the fact that many people have holidays in Winter, we also provide an Umrah Package of 7  to 10 Days in December each year.

Take your family and friends to perform Umrah with our special December Umrah packages! also provides a great package during Spring Break every year.

We also take a group for Umrah during the Blessed Month of Ramadan.  


Umrah Tour Services for Groups also conducts in depth research on its target market before designing Umrah  tour deals. We not only cater to individuals and families, our travel agents also serve groups coming from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and other cities of Canada.

We are providing the flight only and hotel only deals along with complete packages to Canadian Muslims. It will be our responsibility to arrange visas for the groups travelling to Saudi Arabia’s holy cities.


Best Umrah Guidance, Tips & Checklist
Thousands of visa applications get rejected every year for Umrah. We don’t want you to be one of these applicants. UmrahPackages's  professional services will help you to gain a hassle free visa for affordable rates.

Even if you booked your trip elsewhere, don't hesitate to contact us for free advice on how to properly benefit from your umrah.

Checkout some our tips below

Umrah Travel Tips:


1. Pilgrims should carry ACWY vaccination certificate which is not older      than 10 days and lesser than 3 days

2. Proper documents including your marriage certificate and passport should be ready for your visa application

3. The Best package for the cheapest price is available when you book atleast 6 weeks in advance.
4. December and Easter are the best times to go on Umrah tour

5. Ask us in advance for special arrangements for senior citizens, kids and disabled persons

6. Prepare a checklist including booking & payments of flight ticket, accommodation, local transport, visa application, luggage, hand carry items and accessories.

The pilgrimage of Umrah is indeed, one of the most desired dreams of Muslims from all around the world. However, it is very unfortunate that a lot of Muslims are unable to do so because they either do not apply at the right time or in the right way and therefore, are unable to acquire the necessary documents.

Umrah is one of the most sacred activities for Muslims and is said to bring numerous benefits to one, in the world as well as in the life hereafter. It is the other type of pilgrimage, alongside Hajj, which has very high importance in the religion of Islam. It has a very high importance for the Muslim community and Muslims go for this holy trip in large numbers. Unlike Hajj, Umrah can be performed at any time of the year and hence, many people try to take advantage of the flexible timing and comparatively cheaper seasons.

All of our customized packages have been designed with care and caution such that they fulfil the demands of all pilgrims and suit those who are looking for an affordable Umrah package as well as those looking for 5 star Umrah package. These packages serve everything from round trip flights to hotel accommodations and matters of transportation. Moreover, these packages also cater to those traveling with young children, the elderly or those with physical handicaps by arranging for wheelchairs or making other necessary arrangements.

UmrahPackages has a huge contacts based in Saudi Arabia to make sure all our beloved customers must get clean and close residence near haram and masjid-e-nabvi. We provide comfortable transport facility to all those who go to perform the holy activity at affordable prices. We have very limited packages available for Umrah 2021, enjoy your vacation with our December Umrah packages in 2021.



People living in TorontoMontrealOttawaHalifax and Vancouver are well aware of our travel agency.

We would like to assist you in the best manner by providing amazing deals and an absolute experience of a life time. provides detailed services specifially catered to Muslims living in Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions:



  • Hotel Reservation in Makkah & Madina  (3 to 5 Stars)
  • Flight Ticket included
  • Visa included
  • Umrah Training Seminar
  • Private Bus in Saudi Arabia
  • Guided Ziyara Tours
  • Guided Walking Tours
  • Guided Museum Tours




Here is a quick checklist of items to bring for your Umrah trip:

  1. Ihram for men
  2. Light prayer mat as the floor can be very hot in Makkah
  3. Digital Tasbih or counter to do dhikr and keep track of Tawaf’s in Umrah
  4. Small umbrella to keep cool under sun
  5. Toiletries ie; Toothbrush, paste, comb, etc.
  6. Two sets of slippers/sandals in case one breaks
  7. Small scissors
  8. Sun glasses 
  9. If you plan to bring a phone then make sure it is Network Unlocked and Compatible with the GSM 900/1800 bandwidth



Bonus Tip

The last thing we want to ever think about while worshiping in front of the Kaaba is our cell phone.  If we can leave it home, then that's great, but realistically we do use our phones for more than social media.  Today travelling with a phone has become a necessity for many reasons.  Well unless you want to pay ridiculous roaming rates from Rogers, Bell or Telus then it is advised that you 'network unlock' your phone before leaving Canada. For those who are not tech savvy, that basically means that you need to enter in the unlock code in your phone so that it can work on Networks in other countries.  You can call up your provider and they should be able to provide this code for free.  If not, you can use the company we recommend called   You can bring with you unlocked phones from Canada before you leave to ensure a safe and convenient trip.  If you need instruction on how to unlock it, you can find it on their website here:  Make sure your phone is compatible with the GSM 900/1800 bandwidth otherwise it won't work in Saudi.


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