Here at  our real goal is to earn the pleasure of Allah.


As a Muslim and as a Canadian, Hajj and Umrah is something we would all  like see get cheaper and more affordable for everyone.

It is every true Muslim's dream to see the kabah in person, do tawaf and to visit the Prophet's Masjid.  The reality is that many of us can't afford to go. 



We are not a traditional travel agency, we do not actually book or sell packages directly.  We work with actual travel agents across the country.  Our model is to refer clients in volumn, so that we are able to get bulk discounts which we pass along directly to the customer.   

Think of it as a "group buy". Because we are able to refer 10s and sometimes 100s of people per month, we negotiate the best possible prices. These wholesale prices are passed on to you.



We are Helping Muslims in Canada to facilitate their worship of Allah where Hajj , Umrah & Ziarah is concerned.


Book Flights, Hotels, Complete Packages or Solo Trips to Saudi Arabia and other destinations around the world.


- Abdul Aleem





An overview of our Mission: 

1) Help Muslims

2) Motivate the  Canadian Muslim population to perform Umrah and / or Hajj by advertising the benefits and sharing people's true past experience on various social media and  online platforms 

3) Rigorously monitor actual prices of Hotels and Flights, then  present these prices to the competing travel agencies and procure the best volumn discounts in the industry and then pass these discounts directly to every Muslim.



Additionally, you can support us by searching and booking Flights and  Hotels yourself,  directly on our homepage.


How does it work?   

Very Simple. Contact us, and fill out the form on our website.  We will get back to your within 48 hours with the best possible deal and to confirm your booking.





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